Winch Utility Kit Extra Heavy Truck OAWINCHKITXT

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The Outback Armour winch utility kit is perfect for all 4WD winching applications.

This kit features: 10 tonne rated straps, rated bow shackles (including our 5.75T bow shackle, a 10 tonne snatch block and competition grade recovery blanket and gloves for reliability and your safety.

The 10T/20m winch extension strap is ideal for extending the range of your recovery in addition to standard 30m winch ropes or cables and surpasses winch stall capacity on standard 4WD winches.


Specifications Details
All Straps: 10T Rated
Kits Contents
1 x 10T/20M Winch Extension Strap
1 x 10T/5M Tree Trunk Protector
3 x 5.75T Rated Bow Shackle
1 x 10T Rated Snatch Block
1 x Recovery Blanket
1 x Recovery Gloves - (Large / Extra Large)
1 x Hook Strap
1 x Recovery Bag - Large