Quick Snatch Kit - Small Truck OAQUICKSKST

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Whenever you go off-road you should take the equipment with you to recover your vehicle if you find yourself stuck. It is important to use the correctly rated straps and attachments to suit the size and weight (GVM) of your vehicle.

With the essentials you need for a quick snatch recovery, load your existing recovery equipment into the kit or add more items as you go.

This kit is perfect for those with a small truck between 2 and 3T GVM.


Specifications Details
Suits Vehicles: 2T-3T GVM
Snatch Strap: 6T x 9m
Kits Contents
1 x 6T/9M Snatch Strap
2 x 4.75T Rated Bow Shackle
1 x Hook Strap
1 x Recovery Bag - Medium