Process West Terratuff SEPR8R Catch Can - Universal

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Process West Terratuff SEPR8R  Universal


Product Description

Inlet manifold pollution is the enemy of any high performance engine, particularly turbocharged high efficiency engines that make up the majority of current performance cars. To counter this Process West have developed the SEPR8R, an advanced catch can system for your high performance engine that uses state of the art industrial filtration methods and integrates them into a seamless and properly engineered product

SEPR8R Design Philosphy

The heart of the Process West SEPR8R system is a uniquely designed Catch Can with a sophisticated internal filtration system that takes the oil polluted air coming from the rocker cover of your diesel and scrubs the oil mist from it before the gas then goes back into the inlet manifold. From the factory this 'air cleaning' doesn't take place, so the oil that comes out of the rocker cover ends up filling the intercooler and inlet system resulting in both reduced performance and economy over time.

SEPR8R Installation

The SEPR8R comes as a complete bolt on generic fit kit easily adapted to any performance engine bay. With the SEPR8R kit you will receive the billet aluminium catch can with internal filtration system, a precision bracket to bolt into your engine bay, hoses to route the gasses, along with the required clamps and mounting hardware. This is a simple DIY application.

SEPR8R Technicial Specifications

TERRATUFF SEPR8R offers the following features

  • Manufactured from Billet Aluminium with removable lid and filtration assembly of 650ml capacity
  • Over Pressure relief valve incorporated to prevent system malfunction in the case of blockage
  • Drain port incorporated into main housing with optional drain valve available
  • Unique pleated stainless steel filtration system that is anti-clog, washable/reusable with low restriction 50um filtering
  • Laser cut bracket specifically designed for each vehicle
  • Moulded temperature resistance houses shaped for the engine bay of each vehicle
  • High quality clamps and mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions included