iTECHDCDC40 Dual input 40A In-Vehicle Battery Charger DC DCDC

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DCDC Charger 12v 40a In-Vehicle Battery Charger DC Power iTECHDCDC40A. BCDC

The iTECHDCDC40 is a 12-volt 40A input In-vehicle DC to DC battery charger designed to charge your vehicle batteries. The iTECHDCDC40 uses your vehicle's alternator to charge batteries. The iTECHDCDC40 can also charge your battery via solar panels through its MPPT solar input section. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) allows the iTECHDCDC40 to increase your solar panels' efficiency by up to 30% and to charge your batteries most efficiently.

The iTECHDCDC40 utilizes state of the art charging profiles to cater for all battery types, including lithium. The best charging algorithms for each charge profile has been designed and developed by iTechworld to optimise charging. You can change the battery charging profile on the iTECHDCDC40 with a push of a button. Whether you have Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, Calcium, or Lithium batteries, the iTECHDCDC40 will charge the batteries the quickest and most effective way.
The iTECHDCDC40 carries a full IP67 rating. The iTECHDCDC40 is entirely dust, water, and vibration proof. Built with a heavy-duty case and mounting brackets that have been explicitly designed to handle vibrations from corrugated roads and to stand up to the harsh Australian environment.

Compact and easy to install, every iTechworld iTECHDCDC40 comes fitted with colour coded Anderson connectors. Solar input, DC alternator input, and secondary battery output.

The iTECHDCDC40 comes with an optional override cable that will force the power to go from the alternator when the vehicle is running.
The iTECHDCDC40 is a must-have for all 12-volt vehicles, and the iTECHDCDC40 is fully compatible with regular alternators and smart alternators.


Separate DC and solar charging inputs
Fully waterproof to IP67 for under bonnet mounting
Maximises the performance and life of your auxiliary battery
DC and solar charging
The statutory warranty is 12 months from the date of purchase.
Suits 12V standard and variable voltage/smart alternators
Suitable for:-
AGM batteries
GEL batteries
Standard lead-acid batteries,
Calcium batteries
LiFePO4 batteries.
Dimensions: 210mm*130mm*40mm (L*W*H)

1x iTECHDCDC40 fitted with colour coded and labelled Anderson connectors.
1x Set of corresponding labelled and colour coded Anderson Plug fittings with cables attached.

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